Simplify Your Home,
Simplify Your Life

Imagine yourself living in a home that contains only items that simply spark joy.

What Can Simply Spark Joy Do For You?

Simply Spark Joy is a hands on teaching experience using the KonMari™ Method. Category-by-category you will learn how to choose items that spark joy, organize your spaces and cherish your home. We specialize in working with you to create a home that reflects your ideal lifestyle. We're looking forward to working with you to bring joy to your home.

Why Declutter?

When you reduce what you own and essentially “detox” your home, it has a detoxing effect on your body as well

By putting one’s own house in order, one’s mind-set is changed

Discarding one’s items hones one's decision-making skills

Relieve stress by not having to search for your items

Have more time to do activities that are important to you

Feel more gratitude for your possessions

Prepare your home for staging to sell

Through the tidying process people come to know contentment

Gain confidence in life

The world might feel a little brighter!

Amazing Experience… I had no idea what a freeing feeling it would be to purge my closet. The process of removing everything and then only putting back in my closet the things that brought me joy made the experience so great and alleviated that burden of guilt.


I was so impressed that Barb and Wendy were able to assist me to declutter and organize my kitchen in a short time with ease! I thought it would be an overwhelming job, but they both made it an easy learning experience. It has been a joy to work in my newly organized kitchen!




Although this client had accumulated a lot of clothing, she always felt like she had nothing to wear.


A definite style began to develop after only choosing to keep those items that sparked joy.


Barb and Wendy came in and we pulled everything out and only put back the pieces that I actually wear and organized them. I was able to donate so many things that I didn’t need, didn't wear and didn't spark joy. Now everything has a place and I can find what I am looking for with great ease!


Top 10 KonMari™ Decluttering Tips

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