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Think Before You Pack

How To Use Marie Kondo Principles To Pack Your Travel Bags When your travel plans are approaching, it is common to begin to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of packing the perfect bag. If your strategy is to pack as much as you can into your suitcase and hope for the best, then read the…

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Go Paperless

Paper clutter is a HUGE problem that many of us experience. Papers from our past can accumulate very quickly and without a simplified way to deal with them, they can easily become overwhelming. Even though the paper category sounds fairly simply to tackle, many of our clients find themselves overwhelmed during this portion of the…

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Decluttering with kids

Is it possible to declutter with kids? Absolutely! When you’re decluttering with kids the same principles apply but it is important to tackle your own categories before you take on your family member’s. Confront your own stuff first! The following are some tips that might help you to work together with your child to declutter;…

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