Are You Feeling Guilty?

You’re still hanging on to items that no longer spark joy because you feel guilty about letting them go. Some of the things you might tell yourself are that you might need it some day, they were expensive, they were a gift or I can’t discard something I’ve never worn.

If I could give one piece of advice for your tidying journey, it would be to trust the KonMari process but more importantly, trust yourself. Discovering what sparks joy for you will be a personal journey and as you continue with the process it will become more clear what items you want to surround yourself with.

My journey with Mari Kondo started with my trust in the process but at times I felt stuck. I was being held back because I still required work in being honest with myself about what sparked joy for me. It was easy for me to justify keeping an item because it was expensive or new. With practice, I allowed myself to learn from these items and thanked them for helping me discover not only what truly spark joy feels like but also for helping me to identify my personal style.

Taking the time to hold each item close to your heart and sitting with that feeling is an important part of the practice. Trust it to help you identify what sparks joy and trust that it will guide you to make the right decision.

Mari Kondo teaches that “If you keep only what sparks joy you will have just the amount you need.” That amount is different for each of us and I believe that the trust you have in yourself to let items go will be the same trust that will allow you to bring more joy into your life.

Reaching the just right click point is an extremely satisfying feeling!

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