Feel the Magic of Tidying Up

There’s nothing like candles burning, a cup of tea and a tidy home. Understanding and working through the KonMari Method is a great place to start and we are excited to help you on your journey.

My best piece of advice for anyone considering or working through the KonMari Method is to recognize that many people do need help at some point. Whether it is feeling apprehensive about getting started or feeling stuck in the process, a Consultant can provide the support that you need.

In my experience, clients can be initially apprehensive about asking for help due to feelings of embarrassment, exposure, or vulnerability. It is important to recognize that these are normal emotions to work through and that the Consultant is there to help you move forward without judgment. No matter what your current situation looks like, this process with will enable you to take pride in a space that sparks joy.

I truly believe that the more you put into this process, the more you can get out of it. Being open to support can help you invest more of yourself into your journey and feel the life-changing magic of tidying up.

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