Introducing Simply Spark Joy!

We are thrilled to share Simply Spark Joy with you and excited to be doing what we are doing!

The personal journey we have each experienced through our own KonMari Practices is the driving force that has inspired us to come together to bring the teachings of Marie Kondo to The Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada. Simply Spark Joy will allow us to inspire and contribute to a tidier world and connect with like minded people who are hoping to make changes in their own lives.

We are so fortunate that in November of 2015 we chose adjacent bikes in a spin class and were open enough to start a conversation with a stranger. Not strangers for long, our friendship flourished. Over numerous spin classes and post work out coffees we quickly realized that we a had a lot in common and one was keeping a tidy home. Together we found The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and our coffee conversations were then consumed with discussing the personal changes that we were experiencing from practicing the KonMari Method.

After assisting each other with complete home tidies, we jumped at the opportunity to attend the San Francisco KonMari training seminars in December 2016. We spent three days with amazing like minded participants sharing the same tidying passion and feel so fortunate to have been in the presence of Marie Kondo. This inspiration motivated us to complete the KonMari Certification Process over the next ten months.

We currently both live in the sunny Okanagan in beautiful British Columbia, Canada otherwise known as “wine country”. Our families support us in this tidying craze and are excited to see us be our true selves!

We hope to hear about your personal tidying journey soon and help you make your home simply spark joy.

Barb and Wendy

“The lives of those who tidy completely and thoroughly in a single shot are without exception dramatically altered.”

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