Two Questions To Ask Before You Start To Tidy Your Home

Spending time answering these questions can help you to stay motivated while you’re tidying because you’ll always have your final destination in mind.

Question 1:  Why Do You Want To Tidy?

Understanding the true reason you want to tidy can be different for everyone and the more specific you can be the better.  Some common themes we have heard from clients include:

  • “I want to have more time to do the things I enjoy.”
  • “I’d like to have my house ready to sell soon.”
  • “I’ve recently had someone move out and need to make my home my own.”
  • “I’m feeling overwhelmed surrounded by all my stuff.”
  • “I need to get my debt under control.  I just spend too much money on stuff.”

One of our clients was able to easily explain why she wanted to tidy.

“I’ve recently been diagnosed with ADD as an adult and have never understood why I couldn’t keep our home in order.  With four kids, pets, a husband that works shift work and just way too much stuff in our home I always feel overwhelmed.  I just want to have a home that is more peaceful for my family and more time to spend with them.

Why Do You Want To Tidy?

Question 2:  What Does Your Ideal Lifestyle Look and Feel Like For You?

Think of a space in your home that you find the most stressful and identify what the stressors are.  For example the above client envisioned her kitchen. This is how she described it:

  • I have a constant stream of dirty dishes
  • I can’t ever find what I’m looking for because the cupboards and drawers are stuffed full.
  • I have no motivation to cook meals for my family
  • I feel like we waste a lot of food
  • I wake up every morning feeling anxious as soon as I walk into my kitchen.

After closing her eyes and imagining an ideal transformation of her kitchen, she shared her vision; “I’ll set my alarm for half an hour before my kids wake up and walk into my kitchen feeling a sense of calmness.  My counters will be clear, the sink will be clear of dishes and my coffee station will be set up with my favourite beans and mug. I’ll know what I’ll be making my kids for breakfast and their lunches will be packed, in the fridge, from the night before.  I’ll actually have time to enjoy a morning walk with my dogs.”

Visualizing your ideal lifestyle as you tidy is the key to keeping the momentum going.

“People cannot change their habits without first changing their way of thinking.” Marie Kondo

We hope to hear about your personal tidying journey and would love to hear from you in the comments section below if you have any questions or ideas for future topics.