Tidy Your Home and Your Life

You’re feeling unmotivated with your current situation and you’re finding it a challenge to recognize where you get energy from. The pace of your life is overwhelming. Finally making the decision to use the KonMari Method to tidy your home will help you to tidy your life too. While it can feel overwhelming, it will lead to life changing results.

The KonMari Method has provided me with the vocabulary to communicate honestly with myself about what brings me joy. Defining this feeling has allowed me to embrace who I truly am and create space for the people and activities that enrich my life. This year I have used this space to begin road biking and found myself surrounded by a new group of inspirational and like minded women whose values I connect with.

The KonMari process taught me to own my personal style and live with a “You be you” attitude. For me that means cherishing what I have, making time for myself, and giving myself permission to take my own path.

The connection between tidying your home and tidying your life is very satisfying and for me it was ultimately empowering. I am excited to share this process with others so they too can create a life that simply sparks joy!

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